Numero Dos

“Reality continues to ruin my life.” ~ Bill Watterson, The Complete Calvin and Hobbes 

Today was slightly better than yesterday.  I actually left the apartment and went downstairs to the mail area.  My shipment of canned goods had arrived as well as G’s bags of hot cheetos.

It’s a sad state of affairs when that becomes the highlight of your day.

The mayor announced that a “shelter in place” order may be put into effect.  That would mean that movement would be limited to people with essential jobs like police officers, firefighters, and health care workers.  It would require people to largely stay at home except for essential activities and it would forbid people who do not live in the same house from gathering anywhere.

I’m not sure why, but I’ve been thinking about Anne Frank a lot lately.  I keep thinking about how she and her family were holed up in the secret annex.  She was in hiding for 761 days.  She had written about how she considered Sunday the most miserable day of the week.

“I wander from one room to the next, down the stairs and back up again and feel like a songbird that has had its wings torn off and flies against the bars of its cage in total darkness.”

Meanwhile, I’m only at day 2 and I feel as if I am crawling out of my skin.

To keep my mental health in check, I decided to focus more on my physical health.   Yesterday, I exercised my arms, and today, I exercised my core.

My goal is to come out of this isolation with a ripped body.

One thought on “Numero Dos

  1. Hi Nova
    Glad you are feeling better today.
    The Coronavirus is certainly played havoc with everyone’s lives in as similar fashion all over the world. Everybody is involved in curtailing activities and social interaction. All of my interests are impacted so that my tutoring, involvement in outings for retirees, concert cancellation for the choir I sing in and in the church choir have all been suspended. I have noticed the institutions I belong to have all reverted to on- line courses and my daughter and husband, like yourself, now work from home.
    Add to that long queue’s at the supermarket for staples which aren’t always available because of hoarding, which represents one of the more disappointing aspects to what otherwise are signs of a caring community. Not as bad as what you experienced. I hope things settle down on that front, but continue to keep your chin up as you always do so well!
    Best wishes

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