Day 1 of What Feels Like Forever

“Everybody is waiting for the end to come, but what if it already passed us by? What if the final joke of Judgment Day was that it had already come and gone and we were none the wiser? Apocalypse arrives quietly; the chosen are herded off to heaven, and the rest of us, the ones who failed the test, just keep on going, oblivious. Dead already, wandering around long after the gods have stopped keeping score, still optimistic about the future.” ~ Jonathan Nolan, Memento Mori

Today (now yesterday) was day 1 of isolation in New York City.  Schools are closed until April 20.  Offices have imposed mandatory work-from-home policies.  Restaurants are open only for delivery or take-out.  People have panicked and have emptied store shelves of basic necessary items such as toilet paper, canned goods, and frozen vegetables.

Words like social-distancing and self-quarantine are the most used terms in recent weeks.  Travel to nearly every point on this planet is banned.

Life as we knew it came to a screeching halt.

We didn’t step out of the apartment today.  I woke up early and made my bed.  I showered and went straight to work in my living room.  I spent nearly ten hours straight working on my computer, stopping only for a few minutes for bathroom breaks, and to quickly boil some pasta and whip up some sauce.  We’ll probably eat that all week.  The television stayed off all day.  I heard the kids in nearby apartments playing video games.  Another kid was practicing piano, playing the same Christmas tune over and over and over again as though he or she did not know any other songs to play.  My upstairs neighbors, who I hear on a daily basis, were also home all day too, their heavy footsteps seemingly becoming louder and louder as the day progressed.

At 10:30 p.m., I finally got up and did a few arm exercises with my kettle bell and hand weights.  I turned on Pretty in Pink and watched some of that.

Has it really only been one day of isolation?

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