“Every period of human development has had its own particular type of human conflict—its own variety of problem that, apparently, could be settled only by force.  And each time, frustratingly enough, force never really settled the problem.  Instead, it persisted through a series of conflicts, then vanished of itself—what’s the expression—ah, yes, ‘not with a bang, but a whimper,’ as the economic and social environment changed.  And then, new problems, and a new series of wars.” ~ Isaac Asimov, I, Robot

I had high hopes for the start of this new decade.  This past decade, while better than the one before that, was still a period of my life that I was ready to leave behind.  It was a decade marred by loss and misplaced expectations, broken hearts and shattered dreams.  But, by the end of the decade, I grieved over everything I had endured and lost, took all my baggage, turned it over, and dumped it all out.  I was ready to start fresh this year, this decade, and then..

… the coronavirus hit.

Life has changed dramatically all throughout the globe.  The world is at war, but the enemy cannot be seen.  Biological warfare.  The virus is silent and deadly, and as of now, there is no known cure.  

Entire nations have instituted lockdowns.  Sporting events have all been cancelled.  Broadway has gone dark.  Schools and colleges have closed campuses.  Stores and malls have been shut.  Many offices have instituted remote work from home.

We had planned to visit the Philippines for Easter and to visit my aging parents.  Yesterday, the Philippine president issued a lockdown in Manila.  I may enter the country, but then I’ll be quarantined in Manila for two weeks.

This morning, I went to the market to do my normal weekly food shopping.  The shelves were nearly empty as panic-buying apparently started two days ago.  The streets were nearly empty though, as many people are fearful to step outside their homes.

Anger and hatred towards Asians increased exponentially, especially here in New York City.  Earlier this week, I was on the subway platform waiting for my train to go to work.  A man screamed in my face as I walked down the platform, “It’s your people’s fault!”  I was fortunate that I was only verbally assaulted.  Some have not been as fortunate.  A twenty-three year old Chinese woman was walking near the Empire State Building when another woman punched her in her face simply for being Chinese, and earlier in the month, a Chinese man was pushed and sprayed with lysol while being berated for being Chinese.

It has been such a dark and tumultuous start to the new decade.  The decade is already looking so bleak. 

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