“Just be you-strong and honest. The rest falls into place if you do that. It always has. It always will. Remember that. No matter what happens over the . . . centuries ahead of you, remember to be honest with yourself. And if you fail, forgive yourself. You’ll make mistakes. The whole world is new, and they have so many more years in the then you.” ~ Melissa Marr, Fragile Eternity

Last year was a fairly good year.  It was the year that I finally was able to travel.  I traveled to California in the late Spring, and during the Summer, I went to the Philippines, and then to Italy.

I am thankful for those travel opportunities, as I know that travel and vacation are not available to everyone. Certainly even for myself, they were not options for the last few years.

At the end of the summer, I traveled down to Washington, DC and stayed with my brother for a few days. He had made a comment about how I had gained weight over the summer.  I was not upset at his observation, and was even proud to say that I was happy that I had enjoyed the summer so much, traveling and eating different, foreign, and exotic foods.  

His comment, however, did stir up my passion for health and fitness, and since December 25, I have been committed to exercising regularly and eating healthily.  I received a chin-up/pull-up bar for Christmas, and it is now my goal to be able to do five unassisted chin-ups by June 1.  When I first started, exactly one month ago now, I was not even able to do one.  As of today, I am able to do one full unassisted chin-up.

As for my eating habits, I eat everything in moderation.  I do not deny myself any treats, but rather focus on learning to make healthier food choices, and eating in moderation all those foods that may not be so good for me.  I mean what’s a Friday night without pizza?  Life is too short to deny myself simple pleasures, so I still enjoy my favorite foods.  I eat hard and I work out hard.  It’s all about balance.

Speaking of balance, I have been juggling work and home commitments.  I received a promotion at work at the end of October.  The new position has been both fulfilling and challenging, but it also has demanded a lot more of my free time.  And my free time?  It is almost non-existent.  The weekdays are a non-stop rat race, my life lived minute to minute, and the weekends are chauffeuring G around with her various activities.

In my personal life, last year was the year of growth.  I learned many hard lessons in the past few years regarding love and relationships, and last year, I let go of a lot of bad energy and unloaded baggage that had been weighing me down.  I feel much lighter this year and ready to grow even more.  I traveled a rough road, but now I see the path ahead of me and it is looking much brighter and smoother.