“We all have secret lives. The life of excretion; the world of inappropriate sexual fantasies; our real hopes, our terror of death; our experience of shame; the world of pain; and our dreams. No one else knows these lives. Consciousness is solitary. Each person lives in that bubble universe that rests under the skull, alone.” ~ Kim Stanley Robinson, Galileo’s Dream

Yesterday, G woke up in a pool of blood that had oozed from her nose.  After a few minutes, we were able to stop her nosebleed, but I let her stay home from school as she felt a little warm when I touched her forehead and she also said she had a headache.
She napped for part of the day, and after doing some light housework, I also felt like taking a nap.  I laid on the couch and fell asleep in front of the television.  I had a fitful nap and dreamt of having horrible stomach pains and of going to the bathroom to try to relieve myself.  For some reason, I was not able to excrete and I was feeling very uncomfortable.  When I woke up from my nap, my stomach was still aching.
Dream interpreters say, “…dreams that include constipation often have to do with openness and communication or else the lack of openness and communication currently in your life. If you experience constipation within your dream then this indicates that you have shown some distance with others. It is important to understand when you should be more open with others. The most significant factor of this dream is that you need to be more comfortable with other people, in order to better communicate with others.”  Some also say that it “suggests that you are unwilling to let go of your old behavior, and forgive and forget with others. You need to stop dwelling in the past,” while others say it is an inability “to get emotional relief from the problems one has mentally digested.”    
I am aware of my areas of weakness.  I know that I hold onto things from the past, and I know that I have problems communicating with people.  I suppose that for me, the act of letting go has been a lifelong struggle, and my issues surrounding that have culminated in my inability to effectively communicate with other people to a point where all my relationships are strained and the lines of communication are blocked and uncomfortable.

One thought on “Excretion

  1. Hi Nova, Self-examination and understanding ones weaknesses and strengths is always a good thing but in my view it’s entirely unrelated or to be interpreted from one’s dreams. There is certainly no scientific evidence about dreams relating to our perceived weaknesses or events although it captures peoples imagination. We simply don’t know the reason for dreaming and why it occurs at all. Don’t beat yourself up over dreams like that which may have something to do with the upsetting incident with your daughter, but just how that unravels within our sleeping minds whilst in the various stages of sleep is entirely unknown. Best wishes

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