Do We Spin Our Own Yarn?

“When it comes to life, we spin our own yarn, and where we end up is really, in fact, where we always intended to be.” ~ Julia Glass, Three Junes

I’m having a hard time understanding the concept of destiny, and the idea of being exactly “where we were meant to be.”  What does that even mean, exactly?  So, if a totally innocent girl who goes out dancing at a club one night ends up getting hacked and murdered by a man she met that night, that means that that was her destiny, and where she was that night and the awful things that happened to her, that is what was always intended for her?  So no matter what she chose for that night, no matter where she decided to go clubbing, no matter what, she was just meant to be hacked up and murdered that night?
I have a hard time believing that.  I believe that in some ways, we can control what happens to us. Maybe we don’t have full control, but I do believe that we do have some part in the chain of events that occur in our life.  Don’t we?  
I guess I am feeling this way because I am having some major regrets about some of the choices I have made in my life.  I cannot shake this feeling that I am living some alternate life, and that my real life, the one that I am supposed to live, is in some other, alternate reality, and that where I am now, is not where I am supposed to or even am intended to be. 

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