Face the Sun

“The Earth would die if the Sun stopped kissing her.” ~ Hafiz, The Gift

I have a little potted rose plant which I keep on my kitchen counter below the windowsill. I, a known former owner of a black thumb, have lovingly kept this rose plant alive and healthy. While I have killed no less than twenty plants in my life, I have become in recent years quite capable of growing and managing to keep alive several plants in my apartment.
While my little rose plant has managed to stay alive, I did notice that none of the leaves were growing and the rosebuds were not blooming. I decided to move the rose plant from below the windowsill to the ledge of the window to allow the sun to hit it more directly. Within a week, my plant grew four leaves, and the rosebuds started to bloom.
All it needed was to be kissed by the sun.
I started to think about our lives, we humans, and the ways we need to grow. How do we expand our wings and grow — into a better person, a better parent, a better friend, a better version of ourselves? 
Like my rose plant, we can manage to stay alive, but in what way do we face the sun so that not only are we alive, but we are actually living? We all need to get out from under the windowsill, stand on top of the ledge, lift our faces to the sky, and let the sun warm our lives with its kiss. Only then can our lives truly bloom.

6 thoughts on “Face the Sun

  1. Beautiful, beautiful writing! I am definitely a black thumb but that is okay. In a way I do exactly the same thing as you, I seek some level of personal peace and fulfilment in nature and the world outside of me, making sure I take long walks both in nature and urban environments.

  2. :)Roses remind me so much of my grandmother. They were her favorite flowers–they're mine also. Sometimes all we need is a little sunlight. ❤

  3. Another source of inspiration and knowledge for you – he's on Oprah's Super Soul Sunday right now – Shawn Achor. He's an expert on happiness – check him out! 🙂

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