“Life is like topography, Hobbes. There are summits of happiness and success, flat stretches of boring routine and valleys of frustration and failure.” ~ Bill Watterson, Calvin & Hobbes

Woke up today with my clothes sticking to my body. The heat has returned. At least in my apartment.

Debated whether I should ditch work today or not. Decided there are better ways to spend a Friday than burning up in one’s own apartment. Showered and dressed, and walked to the train. Within a few minutes, my clothes were soaked with sweat.

Am now sitting in my air-conditioned office, and my sweat-soaked clothes are drying crisply against my body.
Lovely way to start a Friday.
♦ ♦ ♦
I found out yesterday that the apartment for which I have been waiting is no longer available. Yesterday was a shitty day all around, and I decided to take it out on my workout.

I bought this heart rate monitor:

I burned 701 calories in 90 minutes and my heart rate maxed at 162bpm. Am finding myself obsessing about my workouts as each night I try to do more and more. It’s like that for me. Whenever I am upset about things in my life that I cannot control, I take it out on my body by exercising to extreme levels.
♦ ♦ ♦
I saw my best friend this past weekend. I met his new girlriend. She was chilly and not very happy to meet me. Even his parents commented to me later that she seemed jealous of my close friendship with M. Whatever. It was good to see him, and being around him was just like it always was. Comfortable. We laughed and joked like we had just seen each other yesterday. The one thing I always appreciate about our friendship is that neither time nor distance changes how we interact with each other.
♦ ♦ ♦
Since the apartment deal fell through, I have to start looking again. I hate starting over. I console myself by making myself believe that a better apartment is around the corner waiting for me. I hope so.

2 thoughts on “Valleys

  1. working out every night! good for you!! i can only manage once a week these days. i bet i would feel a lot better if i was doing it every day like you.

  2. jealousy is a hard emotion to deal with. it is difficult to understand other people's relationships because sometimes it is difficult to understand even our own relationships. jealousy gives off so many false positives.that sounds like an awesome workout. i quit counting how many calories i burn during my workouts. when i ride an exercise bike, the calories burned indicator never seems to move quickly enough to make a difference. but good for you having good workouts. you should be feeling good!i don't know how easy or hard it is to find an apartment in new york. what little i think i know is from watching old seinfeld episodes in tv.

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