Dear Bus Driver

We’re like old friends, you and I. I ride your bus every night. I am friendly and respectful towards you, and I always thank you when I get off your bus. Every night, I wish you a good evening, despite the fact that you always seem to try to get away from me.

(source: Google Images)

Although I love riding your bus, I do have one request: Could you please, please, not screech off and leave behind a trail of dust whenever you see me running down 5th Avenue? I know you saw me running, because it appeared as though you stepped on the gas pedal as soon as you saw me. I swear on all things Holy that I will make it my business to be at the bus stop on time, but could you please not speed away when I’m only two seconds from the door? I don’t expect you to wait for me, but you don’t exactly have to pull out of the stop as though you’re running from the police.


Your faithful passenger.