Corruption…. Faceless

I am here in the Philippines on vacation. I have been here since the middle of November. I couldn’t wait to come here. I had been counting down the days, but since I’ve been here, I’ve been angry and depressed.

I hate that I had to come all the way here to see my family. My experience and outlook this time towards the Philippines is much different than in my previous visits. I actually hate it here.

The corruption is rampant and the poverty is stifling. I have seen no improvement in the country and the thought of it is sickening. How is it that other countries, such as Vietnam and Japan, countries that were once war-ravaged, are now prosperous, and the Philippines is still an under-developed country?

It is because the politicians here are corrupt and they only care about what goes in their wallets. Never mind that the mass population barely have enough food to eat and live in shacks.

Maybe the people of the Philippines should take lessons from the people of Romania. Remember what they did to Nicolae Ceauşescu?

That same revolution and bloodshed needs to happen in the Philippines. Otherwise, I fear that the so-called leaders of this God-forsaken country will continue to hold down this country. It is in their benefit to keep the people in oppression.


These past few weeks that I’ve been here, I’ve been having vivid dreams of the past – the times when all of my family were together in the U.S. The dreams feel so real that I wake up disappointed to find myself to simply be a guest in my parent’s home in the Philippines. I wish I could turn back time to happier days and happier situations.

These past few nights, I’ve been having dreams of an unknown person whose face I cannot see and do not recognize. It is the unrecognizable face of a man who makes me feel safe : a man who doesn’t get drunk and then becomes intolerable, a man who has dreams and ambitions of living a simple and normal life, a man who does not let his vices and whims control his life or destroy the lives of others, and a man who stays true and loyal to me as I am to him.

I have never seen his face yet, but when I do, I will know, for it is the face that both haunts and graces me in my dreams.

I look forward to seeing him again in my dreams. Although only a dream, the faceless man has made me feel safe in a way that I have not felt in a long time.

I will take it any way that I can – even if I have to simply dream about it.

5 thoughts on “Corruption…. Faceless

  1. tell me about it…haaayyy, the philippine politics is becoming a big circus because of the upcoming election. everyone keeps on saying that they will make a change when in fact they didn't even do a single thing when they were in their lower positions…welcome to the philippines!

  2. i'm glad you are home visiting your family. i am sure baby g is enjoying it very much. it is wonderful that she learns of her family and heritage.i agree. it is almost always bad government when life does not get better for everyday people. there is much in the news recently about maguindanao and the political problems there. it is so sad, because the philippine people i have met are amazing, educated and family oriented. there is so much potential.and i know your family is proud of you. i only know you from your blog, and *i'm* proud of you for all you have accomplished. i know there is an ache in your heart because you haven't found yet the love of your life, but you have made a wonderful home for yourself and is almost christmas. love and enjoy your family while you are there, and be hopeful for the future. best wishes, nova.

  3. I tend to think that all government is self serving and only serves the elite, it's not getting any better anywhere that I can see, so I've stopped looking… hurts my eyes.

  4. The situation in the Philippine's sounds dire; sorry to hear it. I hope your family is doing well.You are fortunate to remember your dreams. It is only on very rare occasions that I remember mine. I am confident that you will meet your soul mate and he will be all that you wish for.Dirk

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