Cleaning Sh*t; Hammers and Wrenches

Twice in the last month I have dreamt (had nightmares) of a public toilet overflowing (exploding) and of me being trapped in the bathroom and having to clean the mess, even if I was not the cause. Anyone who knows my obsessive-compulsive tendencies knows that such a scenario, even in just a dream, causes me extreme stress.

Both times that I had those dreams, I woke up in a cold sweat. Both times, I literally had to clean someone else’s sh*t.

For any of you dream interpreters out there: what do those dreams signify?

So, this past month has been pure hell for me.

I have always been a planner. Even the so-called spontaneous acts in my life have had some degree of planning involved. And I’ve always believed that if one was sick of the way their life was going, to get up and do something to change it.

So, I’ve done both. I’ve planned and I’ve done things to change the way my life was going. I thought that finally, things were going to go right for me after years and years of misery.

Oh, God, was I wrong. So wrong.

It seems that no matter how much planning and care I take to live the life that I want to live, something always happens to put a wrench in my plans.

Makes me want to take a hammer and just beat the crap out of all those stupid wrenches.

15 thoughts on “Cleaning Sh*t; Hammers and Wrenches

  1. Hey, taking a hammer out every now and again is perfectly acceptable — so long as you don\’t aim it at another person. ;)I totally know what you mean. I obsessively plan everything, and then things always seem to get mucked up. And what\’s worse — I can always sense when my intended outcome is not going to happen. It sucks. Such a horrible sense of foreboding. As far as your dream, maybe it means that you\’re tired of taking on problems for other people. Cleaning up after yourself is one thing; always having to clean up after someone else is basically punishment. Time to say no.

  2. Girl, I don\’t know what it means but that is a nasty dream. OCD\’s we all have them. Personally, I think it means you can\’t control things and sometimes it has to go a certain way even if it throws a wrench in your plans. You just have roll with it.

  3. Here\’s my interpretation of your dream. You\’re having nervous thoughts that something from the past, or someone else\’s actions are going to bubble up and cause you grief, and require you to fix the mess. You basically translated your dream at the end of your post. ;DIf the hammers don\’t work, try a sledgehammer. 😀

  4. Oh my. It seems like everyone I know is having weeks where sh!t just ain\’t going good. I like the hammer idea. Or maybe a hot fire to melt the wrenches down? Either way, I am sorry you are struggling. I hope things get better soon. You deserve it. Hugs, Nora

  5. one thing is for certain: not everything happens the way you plan it.everyone has to clean up sh*t they say, when life hands you a bowl of overflowing sh*t, make lemonade. i assume, they meant for someone else to drink it.they are sending new technology to the space station: to make drinkable water from urine. it\’s essential to the makes me feel better for not going into the space program as a career can lead me to water, but you can\’t make me drink.i get thristy, what you feel is right. do what you have to do.but with relationships, they should be easy. especially at the beginning, relationships should be easy, because otherwise where will you be when life gets tough?

  6. That\’s life for ya. Everyday is a struggle for me. I guess the dream could probably mean that even though something unexpected happens and is something you are afraid of and don\’t wanna deal with, you gotta eventually give in and clean up the mess if you are to move on.

  7. i had a dream like that a long time ago too, when i was in college. i remember thinking, why am i cleaning other people\’s mess on this toilet. i think this means that you and i have similar issues =)

  8. so sorry. at least you are making efforts. nothing is going to happen without that. don\’t give up – it will happen if you put the energy there. about your dreams – do you feel like you are always cleaning up someone else\’s mess at work or somewhere else in your life?perhaps the toilet is the wrench (or what the wrench represents in terms of the things that keep taking you off course) that keeps messing up your plans to clean your life up and put it in order so you can live it the way you want to live it.

  9. i\’ve had that dream before too. it freaks me out!maybe it could mean that you\’re taking unnecessary shit/shittiness from toxic people?sending you good vibrations.

  10. My interpretation of your dream: You have too much going on in your life and are feeling overwhelmed. Also that you are never going to control all the things you\’re dealing with.Wise man Gary says that you need to find a little more space and time; put up with less than perfect; do more of what you enjoy… and stay away from public toilets :)You\’re a good person and I wish you well Nova.

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