Wolf Love

It has been a rough few weeks, and I’ve come so close to just throwing in the towel. I’ve worked so hard for everything in my life, and in these past few weeks, I have felt as though I have sunk to an all-time low.

I have been inconsolable, and have been trying to burn off negative energy by spending most of my free time at the gym. With my already busy schedule and increased depressed state, I have been neglecting my wolf.

She has been whining and whimpering incessantly. I check to make sure she has food and water, and I regularly take her outside to make sure she gets exercise. After I’ve gone through my mental checklist of what could be wrong with her, she still whines. I get annoyed and usher her away or yell at her to shut up.

She is relentless, though, and despite my repeated reprimands, she comes even closer, sits in front of me, and whines. Non-stop.

It was 7:30 this morning, and I was already running a bit late. As I am getting dressed, she comes into my room, and starts whining. I had just checked her food and water bowls, and we already had our long morning walk.

“What is it now?” I ask her, frustrated and about to cry.

She whines a response.

I was about to yell at her again to leave me alone and let me get ready to go to work, when I catch myself.

“Come here,” I say gently.

She moves towards me and nuzzles her nose into my neck. I sit on the floor with her for a few minutes, and we lock eyes. At that moment, there was no time deadline more important than me spending a few minutes with my beloved wolf.

“I’m sorry,” I say, as I run my fingers through her fur. “I know I’ve been neglecting you. Tonight, when I get home from work, it’s just gonna be you and me, kid. Just like the old days.”

After a few more kisses, she seems satisfied. She jumps on the bed and lies down. She stops whining.

All she had wanted this whole time was just a little love and attention. I had been so busy nursing my own emotions that I had completely forgotten that even wolves need love too.

“Wolf is the Grand Teacher. Wolf is the sage, who after many winters upon the sacred path and seeking the ways of wisdom, returns to share new knowledge with the tribe. Wolf is both the radical and the traditional in the same breath. When the Wolf walks by you – you will remember.” ~ Robert Ghost Wolf

26 thoughts on “Wolf Love

  1. All she had wanted this whole time was just a little love and attention. I think she wanted to give you a little love and attention, Wolf knew you could use it. 😉

  2. I totally agree with Papa. Wolf could feel your sadness and wanted you to know there\’s love and happiness to come your way…this time in the shape of a wolfs\’ touch…

  3. i am glad you got it. she is a part of your family just like your baby is. we all need nurturing, and usually when we nurture we are nurtured in return. both of you have much to give the other.my own 4 legged babies kissed away every tear i cried while they were alive. i miss them terribly; one lived to almost 18 years and the other to 15 1/2. 😦

  4. awww… this was the sweetest post!i\’ve been going through some of the same emotions as you during these past few weeks… i\’m really depressed.

  5. Oh that´s so sweet. But how do you make time?? You work full time? You have a small child? And your wolf??? I would probably kill my self if that was the case ;O) I´m impressed.

  6. dogs always know when we are struggling. jack does the same thing… When he\’s most obnoxious is usually when I\’m at my low points. Lucky for us that we have such attentive, loving dogs. Beautiful dog, by the way. Happy Friday!

  7. Nice dog. I\’ve always been drawn to the wild charisma of breeds of dogs mixed with or descendants of wolves. After reading the first paragraph, I gotta say that I knew all that she needed was some attention and love. But as I read on, I\’m glad you became in tuned to her needs.

  8. That\’s a beautiful wolf you\’ve got there! I sometimes want a big pet to hug and wrestle with. :-)Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! I\’m happy you have the intention of sending me some Herbal Essences, he he!

  9. Good story Nova… and a good lesson. What wolves do each of us have, within and without, who need soothing and love.As my son once said, when I asked him what he thought he\’d do with his life:\”Dad, I\’m a human being… not a human doing. Relax.\”

  10. B: Awww, I\’m glad you did hug Pono. Pets are the most loyal love we will ever get in our life.Ceemee: That\’s exactly why I wanted a big pet: bigger hugs!Ciara: Thanks!Deleine: I really don\’t have any time. I\’m tired all the time. I have to juggle and prioritize all the time. It\’s not easy.El: I still went out, hahaha. I just end up taking her wherever I go.Gary: Wow, your son is awfully philosophical, and smart. Gee, I wonder where he gets that from! ;)Graham: Trust me, I was not popular in high school at all!Hagelrat: Thanks!J-Bear: She\’s my little girl!Joey: She\’s a wolf/malamute mix. Her name is Akira. Lance: She is amazing indeed.Leandra: You\’re absolutely right.Leyton: There is nothing in this world like a wolf\’s touch.LH: I\’m sorry that you\’re feeling depressed. I wish I could come over and we could sit and have tea and lament over our troubles.Marcy: Their animal instincts are so sharp. It\’s like they can just sense when we humans hurt inside.Nora: We are lucky indeed. I\’d like to see a picture of Jack!Papa: You\’re right. She absolutely knew I could use the love and attention.Prinsesa: No, I\’m not cool. She is! She\’s 75% wolf and 25% malamute.Sab: Thanks, we are both doing much better! =)Seraphine: I\’m not nearly as smart as my wolf. It took me quite a while to figure out why she kept whining to me.Sky: You\’d be surprised at how many people don\’t understand just how important our pets are to us. Some look at me like I\’m crazy whenever I talk about my dog as if she\’s my daughter. I\’m sorry to hear about your babies. =( Their love is irreplaceable.Wanderer: If you ever come visit me, I\’ll let you pet her. =)Will: Well, you live with a lot of American Indians, right? I heard that the Indians revere the Wolf.Zee: A moment is all that was needed. Amazing how just moment come few and far between.

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