Life is Beautiful

I had a bit of good news come my way the other day. Secretly, I am bursting inside, but because I do not want to tempt fate, I will keep my lips sealed. Just know that it is something which I have wanted for a long time now, and if all goes well, I will let you know. But, I am also sure that if I fall flat on my face, you all will know about it also, as I probably will be bitchin’ about it on here.

I had two women here at the office confide in me yesterday. Two different women, with completely different backgrounds, but both legal secretaries. One approached me early in the afternoon and asked me to meet her for lunch. We meet outside and walk to Hale & Hearty for our favorite soup, Creamy Tomato Soup with Chicken and Orzo.

As we are eating outside at the park, I watch her and wonder what she needs to tell me. In between gulps of her soup, she says, “I feel like killing myself.”

I nearly choke over my soup, but quickly compose myself enough to respond. “What’s going on?”

“I’m just so tired of my life. I’m broke, I’m lonely, and I just don’t know what to do with my life. I’m tired of caring, and I just want to give up.” She looks at me with glossy eyes.

Not knowing how to respond, and in fear of saying the wrong thing, I shove soup in my mouth, and then follow with a big bite of bread.

“I think,” I finally say after a long uncomfortable pause, “that you just need to get f*cked. Not just laid. But f*cked.”

“What’s the difference?” she asked.

With a bit of fake sounding authority, as if I know what I’m really saying, I answer, “Well, getting laid is just having sex. Plain and boring. Missionary. But getting f*cked… Well, my dear, that’s getting down and dirty and having mind-blowing, pain-numbing, explosive sex.”

She takes in what I say, and she smiles. “You know what? I think you’re right.”

We finish our lunch in companionable silence. I am relieved that she has temporarily stopped thinking about her sad state of affairs, and she, presumably, ponders on how she can go about getting shanked, as she finishes off the last slurp of her soup with a smirk on her face.

At the end of the day yesterday, I walk to another side of our floor suite to drop off some research papers on a Partner’s desk. I rarely visit this side of the building and I run into a woman that I had not seen in a long time.

“Hey, you, what’s up? I haven’t seen you in a long time. How are things?” I ask her.

“I’m hanging in there. I’ve been having a rough time lately. Work has been slow and I’ve been trying to stay busy by trying to date, but I swear, I’ve been on these dating sites and all I ever meet are losers.”

She is an actress, but she works as a legal secretary to fill in time between acting jobs. She’s been cast on Law & Order and CSI in the past, but hasn’t had much work in the recent months.

“It really is hard to meet people these days. I am not sure I would trust those dating sites, but I guess there aren’t many other options,” I answer, weakly.

She looks at me with the same glossy look I had seen on the other girl, just a few hours earlier. I start to breathe a little faster.

“You know, Nova, I’ve only ever wanted two things in my life, and that was to be an actress and to find a good man to marry. I’m failing miserably at acting and I’m now in my fifties. The chances of me finding a good man are becoming slimmer as each day, each year passes. If I had a gun here at my desk, I’d just shoot myself and get it over with.”

“Why me?” I ask myself. To her, I plead with exasperation, “Please, please don’t say that.”

“I’m sorry,” she says, “It’s just that sometimes I get so fed up with waking up everday, trying my hardest to change my life, and things don’t ever go my way.”

“Well, did I ever tell you that theory about how when you want something, the universe conspires to help you achieve it?” I say, trying to quote Paul Coelho.

I am grasping at air here, trying to come up with witty, but comforting things to say. I’m not a god-damned psychologist, for God’s sake. Why are these women telling me their problems? I’m not even allowed to make decisions about my finances or rent a damn car, remember???

“Well, it’s true,” I continue, again with an air of superimposed authority. “Supposedly, we have to really want something, tell the universe and the whole world about it, and nature and forces will contrive to make it happen.”

“I heard something like that, from a friend of mine,” she says, rather excitedly. She continues on with a story about how her friend had set a wedding date for three years in advance although she was not even dating anyone at the moment. Wouldn’t you know it, by the time her “expiration date” came, she had met the man of her dreams, and she did indeed get married on the date she had planned three years earlier.

“Wow, Nova, thanks for reminding me,” she gushes. “I feel better now.” She stands up and gives me a hug.

Life is beautiful again.

16 thoughts on “Life is Beautiful

  1. i think everyone is feeling a bit low now. it\’s the steady inflow of bad news about war, the economy, job layoffs, oil prices, how the size of a loaf of bread gets smaller and smaller.people aren\’t tasting their tomato soup.or, as you suggested, they aren\’t aggressive enough at finding their own happiness, or planning for\’s a good reminder, nova. enjoy the good times, be prepared for the bad and keep your eye on what it is that\’s really important to you.

  2. Oh, how this post was exactly what I needed to hear today. Maybe you should become a psychologist on the side in those few extra minutes you have in your already full days. 😉 I get people approaching me with their problems regularly. That\’s what I should have done…Become a psychologist. I can give advice, I just can\’t seem to follow my own… lol

  3. lol, i can\’t belive you said those things to the first woman. there\’s a whole brass-balls side to you that i haven\’t even gotten to know yet =)and how could you leave us hanging with that piece of news?! my two hypotheses are either a) baby G is going to have a baby brother or sister!! or b) a great new job?? damn you, update soon!!

  4. Just think, if you were a guy with decent game, and those same two girls came up to you with their problems there\’s a very good chance you could have banged them both, but if you have really good game, you could have banged both of them at the same time. :PAll silly joking aside it doesn\’t matter what advice you gave. The point is you were there to listen and share your time which doesn\’t require a degree or years of special training. You just have to have a heart and be willing to put it to use, and you did. 😀

  5. Can\’t wait to hear the good news! I hate when people say things like that!! I had a friend going through an unbelievably rough time, and she made actual attempts. I was the only one who stood by her, and it was seriously one of the hardest things I\’ve ever done. Bless you for being there for both of those ladies. 😉

  6. when i was depressed i also told myself what about killing myself and she told me, \’really you thought about that? so why are you still alive?\” and we both laughed.

  7. Holy Crap! What an emotional day. Has Thoreau said, \”The masses of men…\” Time for some new drinking water at the office :-)I thought you handled it really well… better than I would have. I always get so high and mighty when people approach me for help. I try to be a good listener though.Dirk

  8. wow two in one day? maybe you seem self-assured and compassionate, so people gravitate towards you and vent?i\’m itching to hear the news! crossing my fingers it won\’t fall through. 🙂

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