On the phone with my financial services company:

“Yes, I’d like online access for my account.”

“Could you please verify your information?”

I give my name, social security number and address.

“Well, it appears that your mother is the guardian on this account, and you are not the person that can make any changes on this account.”

“Okay… you mean even if it’s MY account and I just gave my Mom access to MY account, I can’t even apply for online access?”

“That’s right. Your mother is the Guardian on this account and since you’re underage, we can’t even talk to you.”


Although I am 37, apparently I cannot be trusted to handle my own finances.

“Mom, help!!!” (She so loves being needed.)

This reminds me of when I tried to rent a car last summer. El, you’ll remember this:

“Hi. I’d like to rent a car please. Could you please tell me what’s available?”

The woman at Hertz looks at me and says, kindly, “Honey, I’m sorry, but I’m afraid you can’t. You have to be at least 18 in order to rent a car.”

After showing her my driver’s license, we determine that I am actually older than she is.

Looking young and sounding young doesn’t always have its advantages.

11 thoughts on “Underage

  1. dang the last blog was hot. I need to find me a man real quick then get rid of him, ha ha ha. anyway yeah girl I remember. I still get carded for drinks. heeheee. Asian skin ages well, what can we say. Look at our moms, they old but then they still look like 40\’s, gross isn\’t it?

  2. i always told you you look young! =)funny, i was going to blog about this today. i got really frustrated last night when yet another woman requesting an epidural looked me up and down when i entered the room. \”YOU\’RE the one who\’s going to be doing my epidural?\” it doesn\’t start us off on a good footing. then she asks how long i\’ve been doing this for, and i feel put on the spot. afterwards, it was like everything i was doing was under a microscope and she was quick to get angry with me. it happens a lot and i\’m getting sick of it…

  3. I\’m in that precious middle ground between the senior discount and getting carded cuz there\’s a chance I\’m too young, closer to the senior discount I\’m afraid…

  4. That you moisturize and take care of yourself shows in the results. but i don\’t feel too sad for you, nova, except about your \”underage\” bank account. grrr, i hate when banks mess up.

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