A Lot of Fish and a Little Bit of Chips

This weekend:

  • I almost got robbed. I was sitting on the train, and an older Chinese woman sat down next to me. The motion of the train always makes me sleepy, but I wasn’t sleepy enough to ignore the woman next to me inching closer and closer. When I looked down, her hand was in my open purse. I slapped her hand away, and yelled, “WTF?!?!” She didn’t say anything, and quickly moved away and got out at the next stop.
  • I walked in on a man as he was using the bathroom. I went biking in the park this weekend, and stopped off near a wooded area to take a little breather. I didn’t realize that I had stepped into someone’s house, until I was assailed by a foul stench, and saw a homeless man behind a tree who just whipped out his junk and proceeded to urinate. I got onto my bike and pedaled away as quickly as I could go.
  • I ate the best fish ‘n’ chips this side of the East River. I always thought that the other boroughs of New York offered better food than Manhattan, and my impromptu search for fish ‘n’ chips brought me to this place.

  • BabyG kept saying “mama” over and over again. It’s music to my ears, and she is even learning to play the harmonica.

I live such an exciting life, don’t I?

19 thoughts on “A Lot of Fish and a Little Bit of Chips

  1. I live such an exciting life, don\’t I? Daaang straight you do! I\’m still diggin\’ the hand slap you did on the old woman, that\’s gold! The fish and chips sound good enough to drown out the memory of pee pee man and klepto grandma. 😀

  2. we gotta be careful! i saved my own purse twice from potential thieves when i was much younger (and naive?). with one perpetrator on the street i engaged in a \”pull the purse contest\” and won! he had the handles, and i had the purse. the 2nd occasion occurred in a grocery store where 2 young men were working together. one asked me a qt. while the other came down the aisle from behind to steal my purse from the shopping cart. i realized that something was amiss when i noticed the young man was busy looking over my head behind me instead of looking at me. i immediately turned around and caught my purse as it was being lifted from the cart. i realized later that i could have encountered a knife in either situation, but i was young, felt omnipotent, and was so angry that anyone would steal from me!sounds like you have indeed been busy protecting yourself. good for you! and that precious baby of yours – wanna share her?! :))

  3. wow! a very exciting life indeed! and you have Baby G (and great fish and chips) to make everything better at the end of the day. lucky you! i miss NY. 🙂

  4. you DO live an exciting life. at least the woman on the train wasn\’t going to the bathroom in your purse.baby G is so cute playing the harmonica. i don\’t know how you find the time to do all of the other fun things in your life.

  5. Had a good fish and chips the other day myself! The fish was an actual fish, not that deepfrozen stuff you usually get in the supermarket.That purse story is pretty funny. I know you would have kicked her ass if pull came to shove…Baby G is gorgeous, congratulations!

  6. i love biking in central park. ((sigh))i\’m so glad you caught the pickpocket before she got off with your belongings. the nerve.thanks for your advice. i am slowly letting myself go. soon i will hopefully be cageless.

  7. Great pictures! I would not expect to get robbed by an older Chinese woman.And yeah, I do miss MD. It\’s been over 1 1/2 years and it will probably be a while still before I go back.

  8. Nova, those are lovely vignettes (okay the first two are lovely writing, not the stories). Yes indeed , life is interesting. Great photos of you two.

  9. Gary: I\’ve missed you, my friend!Graham: I didn\’t expect it either. If she had just asked me, I probably would have just given her some money if that\’s what she really needed.Joey: Too bad she was Asian. I was more mad that she gives Asians a bad name!!!Nora: I\’ve been reading little tidbits about your life, and you live a pretty damn exciting life yourself!Papa: Pee pee man. Hahaha! Yes, the fish and chips at the end of day made it all worthwhile. =)Prinsesa: There are too many kleptos here, unfortunately. I\’m just glad that I was able to stop one.Scaramouche: Ahhh… you\’re a Scooby Doo fan, eh? Me too!Seraphine: I did read about that deranged guy on Greyhound! Scary, indeed. Apparently, he was a quiet guy too who never hurt a fly in his life. A classic case of someone going postal.Sky: You\’re a brave girl! The thing is, we have to realize that our purses and what\’s in them do not matter more than our safety. While it may seem brave and courageous to fight would-be thieves, some people are just crazy and will kill for something stupid like that. We have to be careful. As for sharing the baby… wanna babysit? =)Wanderer: People are indeed unpredictable. One thing is that I have to learn to control my temper and impulses. It could get me in trouble one day.Will Shady: Never had fish and chips??? Wow… come to NY and I\’ll bring you that place!Zee: Fresh fish is always best. Especially if it\’s one that you caught yourself.

  10. I am soooo jealous. I miss the incredible dining selection that only the city can offer. You have been looking to meet new friends… Maybe you should join a martial arts class. You seem to have some talent in that area :-)I can remember running in Central Park the day before the marathon. It was incredibly crowded but the energy and enthusiasm was intense.Dirk

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