To Be Beautiful

I see her every morning on the commuter express bus. She’s tall and willowy, with long, wavy, chestnut brown hair. The first time I saw her, I thought that surely she was a model. She reminds me of Petra Nemcova, but with even more delicate facial features.

I am not the only one who has noticed her. I see everyone on the bus watching her, taking note of her graceful movements and appreciating her strong physical presence. When the bus starts to fill and the seats are all taken, I see men rushing out of their seats to offer theirs to her, even if others are already standing, or there are others more deserving of a seat, such as an older person or someone carrying many packages. She always gets a seat, regardless.

It’s a shame, however, that she’s not as generous with her kindness as she is with exuding physical beauty. Once, a man offered her a seat instead of an elderly woman, and she sat down, instead of offering the older woman the seat. I’m not sure if anyone else took notice of the situation, as it appeared as everyone was too mesmerized by her looks. I also noticed that she did not even thank the man for giving up his seat. It seemed as though she had expected it.

She sat next to me once, and I felt uncomfortable sitting next to her. I felt shabby, unattractive, and dull compared to her, with her radiating good looks. I could not even concentrate on the book that I was reading, as I suddenly felt self-conscious of how my feet barely touched the bus floor, while her long legs stretched out in front of her.

I have always wondered what it was like to be so beautiful, and to have beauty that could carry you from day to day, with no worry about having to be kind to others, as everyone else jumps at the chance to be nice to you, as if it were some kind of honor to do something nice for someone so beautiful. She owns the bus, simply because she is beautiful. She doesn’t take care to move her belongings out of the second seat so that someone can sit down, and she walks on the bus with confidence, knowing that she will get a seat no matter what, all simply because she is beautiful.

14 thoughts on “To Be Beautiful

  1. it is unfair sometimes. she may appear beautiful and confident on the outside, but inside i bet she\’s dealing with a whole\’s to not forgetting that it\’s more important to be beautiful on the inside.

  2. You are far more beautiful than her simply by your generosity and your kindness. Sometimes people that have the looks think thats all that matters, that it will get them everything they want, but then there are people, like you, who are beautiful inside, and out. A much better combination!

  3. If I was on the bus, there\’s no way I\’d give up my seat for her, and if she asked if she could have my seat, I\’d look her up then down, and say it\’s good she\’s putting her legs to proper use.The world can be partial and unjust, but I do what I can to help restore balance. ;D

  4. Often the case that beautiful women are so used to getting everything their way because of other peoples\’ reactions to their looks, that they become selfish people. It\’s interesting too, because when I think back over my life I have tended to avoid so-called classically beautiful people because my experiences of them are that they are horrible people to know – arrogant, rude, self-centred and untrustworthy.Some say that not-so-pretty people are much nicer and better people, because they have to try harder to be liked and accepted in the world. I\’ve actually found this to be true… and would choose them over a physically beautiful person every time.

  5. people do depend on their looks, can\’t deal with reaitly cause their don\’t realize the world applies to them. Its really sad when their looks are fading. The world is kinder to better looking and fit people. Its not fair but at the end of the day, I rather be me.

  6. You can\’t have it all. I find that really good looking people don\’t have much else to offer like intelligence conversation, etc. Cuz once they open their mouths, the way you percieve that person can drastically change. But I agree that physical appearance does have an effect on how people react to you. As I lose weight, I see how people are inviting me to more gatherings and talking to me or saying hello in the elevator. Makes you see the different sides of people whether it\’s consciously or unconsciously done. Social behavior I guess.

  7. always remember she faces the same \”real\” trials we all do – health issues (body pains, breast cancer risks, etc.), the loss of health or life of someone we love, financial risks, social relationship issues, work issues. getting a bus seat, having people admire her from afar, catching the eyes of men and women who do not enter her personal world – none of these things really make much difference in the true trials and tribulations of life.if she sits next to you again, i challenge you to engage her in some sort of conversation. it would be interesting to see if you can learn anything \”real\” about her.

  8. Whatever girl your hot!!!! She is not pretty because she isn\’t nice when she can\’t help an older person get a seat, her personality makes her an ugly person

  9. Hi Nova,what you wrote about the beautiful girl reminded me of something I watched on TV a while back. \”The Mother of all Beauty Pageants\” (dunno if you\’ve heard of it, flicking the channels on a Saturday night can make you watch the most horrendous things) where a group of beautiful girls and their mothers compete against each other. Well, there was a girl and her mother who weren\’t your stereotypical pageants. They looked quite normal but their inner beauty just shone through. And then there was a girl who was beautiful with an equally beautiful mother who were nasty as h*ll. Guess who got kicked out first – the nasty beauties!!!! For once someone saw through the gorgeous exterior into their black and hollow insides… (PS. Being Swedish I don\’t really know how to spell horrendous….so I hope I did a so-so job at spelling it=] ) A totally random thing to write, but just wanted to say that inner beauty and goodness lasts a helluva lot longer that outer beauty. We should stand tall and be proud of our inner beauties, cos they are truly special and hard to find, in this shallow world we now live in!!!//Leyton

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