Dr. Suzanne

From: Dr. Suzanne
To: Nova
Subject: NOVA, THIS is why you’re fat – Please don’t be disgusted though, it’s NOT your fault.


My name is Suzanne, and I’m a real doctor that would like to show you why you may be “fat” and why you’re unable to lose weight no matter how hard you try.

First off, please always know that it’s not your fault…I would like to show you the disgusting truth right now as to what is keeping you fat!

Press here to see the disgusting truth that is keeping you from losing fat: http://www.wrong.info/disgusting

After you see what the problem is, I will then show you how easy it is to finally lose the fat that you want to lose.

Thank you!

Dr. Suzanne


I swear. They really know how to hit you where it hurts. Who is this Dr. Suzanne and how did she know that I’ve been having body image issues?

I check my junk mail folder only because sometimes “real” emails get re-routed there by accident. There are always all kinds of different advertisement emails, ranging from fake watches, sexual performance enhancing medications, to winning lottery numbers. I wonder, do some people take these junk emails seriously? I have to admit that the email above did get my attention, partly because it addressed me directly, and partly because I have been trying desperately to lose weight. When I was in the Philippines two months ago, all my relatives couldn’t get over how fat I’ve become (I was a size 6), and they did not hesitate in telling me so. So, as soon as I came back home to NY, I’ve been exercising every day. In the six weeks or so that I’ve been exercising, I have managed to drop down to a size 4. It is not my pre-Baby G size (2), but hell, considering I had a 40-inch waist the day before I gave birth, I’m not doing too badly.

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

18 thoughts on “Dr. Suzanne

  1. aww. size 6 is not fat. good job on losing weight! i honestly don\’t have enough motivation to exercise. hehe. are you planning to go back to 2? =) you can do it!!

  2. my friend told me that fat is not an adjective but a feeling. and if you want to shed the weight, don\’t do it because people think you\’re fat, because that may get you depressed if the fat stays longer than expected. so all the exercising, don\’t do it for them, do it for you. and always feel beautiful 🙂

  3. i hate that negative body image stuff. it\’s unfair and does more harm than good.a healthy mind and body is something positive we could strive towards instead.

  4. Nice. Who cares what other people think. I always used to hate it when people tell me what i already know when it comes to appearance. But good job on losing weight. It\’s hard work but well worth it in the end. 😉

  5. B: Well, actually my \”normal\” size was always a size 2. But since I got pregnant and had a baby, I\’ve been a size 6.Graham: Hahaha! I will never get Mom Jeans!!!Lauren: Thanks =)LH: I don\’t feel so cute. =(Papa: Tell that to the pinoys!prinsesamusang: Well, prior to having my baby, I was always an athlete anyway. The truth is, I hate feeling and being fat. I exercise because I like it, but I also use their opinion as motivation. =) ProfessorB: And so are you!Sab: I\’m trying! It\’s just too bad though that I love food! Lucky for you, you\’re skinny! And having a baby definitely makes getting \”fat\” all worth it!Sarah: For some reason, the women in the Philippines lose all their baby weight like immediately after giving birth. It\’s a phenomenom over there! I wish I knew their secret!Sera: I hate it too. I just want to be healthy. But seriously though, I did/do need to work out.Sky: It is funny how their idea of thin/fat is so different from us Americans. Here in the U.S., I am considered small, but over there, fuhgetaboutit! They called me \”amazona\”!!!Wanderer: Join the club? You\’re not fat!Will: It\’s not so much that I care what they think, but more that I was just unhappy with being overweight. My family didn\’t mean any harm. They just weren\’t used to seeing me so big.

  6. you used to do martial arts!!!!what the hell has happened?I have my addictions, my weaknesses, my folly and so on – but when it gets brittle, I decide to go forward and kick ass.In your case it is all about diet (that is my intuition), not about \”working out\” alone…I don\’t know. I wish I could be of more help.By the way, thanks for checking in on my lousy maintained blog now and then. It is good to know that there is a friend, especially in NYC!.Be well. L.

  7. Z: What happened is that my lifestyle changed. I moved to NYC and have been working inhuman amounts of hours, leaving me no time to take care of myself. I don\’t eat at normal hours, I have no time for exercise, and I don\’t get proper sleep. Those are all factors to gaining weight. As of the last month or so, I have been working out every morning, come hell or high water, and so far it has paid off.

  8. Good job losing the weight, u kno asians and how they can be, I kno, look at my fam,all I can say is It\’s all good, and you know how fam\’s can be

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