Wednesdays at Tako Grill

It’s Wednesday night, and I am home at an unusually early hour. I’ve been working so much lately that I actually feel lost being home at this time. A few years ago, I would have known exactly where I would be at this time.
I went to Happy Hour with an old roommate of mine, P, a few weeks ago in Midtown. We used to live together in Maryland about five years ago. He now also lives and works in New York and is a friend from the Tako Grill days.
P and I, along with a group of friends, mostly from college, used to meet at Tako Grill every Wednesday night. It was our night to be with friends, and to eat, drink, and forget about our worries. It became a spontaneous routine. For many months, Wednesday night was always the best night of the week. It seemed that no matter what responsibilities we all had, we all seemed to make Tako Grill meetings a priority. Any why not? Good times with old friends should be top priority on everyone’s list.
Our Wednesday night happy hours lasted about six months. Eventually, work, family and life obligations took over, and quietly, the Wednesday night fun times ended without notice.
P and I agree that the Wednesday nights at Tako Grill were some of the best Wednesdays of our life.
If I could be anywhere right now at this time, I would be at Tako Grill with my Wednesday night gang.

10 thoughts on “Wednesdays at Tako Grill

  1. this is one routine i won\’t hesitate doing again… we have our version with my friends way back in college; we call it friday\’s club… can\’t wait to see them again as well…

  2. great memories. we had a similar place in atlanta, actually a couple of places developed over time. those days with friends and laughter and community were wonderful.

  3. Cobe: Good times with good people are definitely what makes life worth it.Graham: I don\’t think I\’ve ever had Swedish food. Swedish fish (candy), yes, but I guess that\’s not really food. ;)Papa: Sadly, most of the crew are all in different areas now. A reunion would be difficult to arrange.Sab: Makati! I can\’t wait to go there again. Maybe we can meet up!Sera: I think our old crew would all love a reunion, but most of us are now all scattered all over the country. It would be difficult to arrange a meet-up where everyone could all get together again. Oh, and Baby G is actually quite clean for a little person. She doesn\’t like sticky hands or clothes, but I guess she didn\’t mind it so much on her face!Sky: Does your old Atlanta group still get together? With you being in Seattle now, I\’m sure it\’s difficult to get together with everyone all at once.Wanderer: Do you guys still do the Friday\’s club? If not, now is a good time to re-establish the routine.

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