I am Humbled

rainy day thoughts I learned much this past weekend about life and friendships.
I learned the importance of having friends that support you and back you when all else in your life falls apart.
I learned that life does not always turn out as you plan, and that it can get even worse that you had ever imagined, but that it can also turn out even better than you had ever hoped.
I learned that hearing from an old friend with whom you thought you had a falling out can bring back a flood of memories – good ones.
I learned that crying to a friend about your problems can make everything seem bearable.
I learned that life is not all sunshine and rainbows, but that the rain can be very beautiful.
I learned the beauty of being humbled by the love and support of my friends.
You know who you are. ♥

11 thoughts on “I am Humbled

  1. i miss your posts miss nova! and you are right about friends… how they\’ll always be there and how i wish i could do the same for them on their trying times.it\’s an overwhelming feeling. beats heartaches anytime. tho not completely. but still… 🙂

  2. I think my favorite line is \”rain can be beautiful.\” I\’ve always loved the rain, figuratively and literally. You always come out into sunshine, maybe a bit of a mess, but you\’re still there and you\’re stronger for it. Great post and hugs from across the miles

  3. I\’m always amazed at my darkest moments, when a friend bears with me thru it. I\’m always humbled when the moments are over. Its like the rain is a warning, the storm shows who weathers it out with you, when it clears, the light shows you that your strong then you know it and those who saw it along and believe in you.

  4. Don\’t take a grunge on me. Comments on posts are far way and apart these days. That doesn\’t mean that I don\’t love you. It means that cyberspace has to rest – for my own sanities sake…

  5. There is so much wisdom in this post!The silver lining of the cloud is one of the most beautiful aspects of nature. We don\’t truly know beauty until we\’ve experienced pain because it is only when we experience pain that we are finally willing to let go and let be.

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