Dream Some


Endless dirty diapers and banal household duties make it difficult to set aside time to daydream. I am too immured in the reality of my life. I know all too well my station in life, and I have accepted the fact that I will always have to work hard for everything. My family never owned any silver spoons, and we are from new money. In fact, the money was so new, it was always replaced with every paycheck.
And so one of my guilty pleasures is daydreaming – daydreaming of a life very unlike my own. I dream of a life with little worry for finances, little worry for menial, meaningless household chores, and of a life free from time constraints and the luxury of spending days carefree and free.
This past weekend, as I drove through Riverside Drive, I started to daydream. I love this part of New York City the best, with its elegant pre-war buildings and the lush view of Riverside Park. I always wonder what life would be like to live in one of those posh brownstones, and I daydream of someday living there. I daydream of having elegant little lunches in the sunroom, and of sitting on the front steps on warm summer nights. I imagine after-dinner strolls through Riverside Park.
I love day dreaming. It’s a healthy escape and somewhat of a motivator. Dreaming of those things that I cannot have make me strive even harder so that one day, perhaps my dreams can be my reality.

10 thoughts on “Dream Some

  1. I\’ve done that since I was a small child. Driving past nice houses and romantic places, wondering what it would be like to live there, to have THAT life as well as mine. I think sometimes, I want to be everyone, know what I mean?Ah, there are empty houses in Las Vegas too.

  2. I\’m sure you can attain any dream and I\’m also sure you can enjoy your little one, your husband and the beauty around you now as you strive. Small corners, small pleasures… finding beauty.If you send me a post address I\’ll send you some of Aspen Switzer\’s music.ockenden@netidea.com

  3. I\’m in full agreement… I daydream incessantly about things that could be better. Things that I long for. I think that in it, there is some kind of encouragement. Some belief that those things could come about, so long as I don\’t forget the dream and I continue to work toward it. I agree about the dogs. I grew up with mine, so it\’s crazy to think of letting her go. She\’s getting older now, though, and my main concern is that she doesn\’t suffer.

  4. Keep daydreaming what you\’re wanting, but never ever think you won\’t have what you\’re wanting for whatever reason. When you\’re daydreaming of your wants, immerse yourself in it, imagine it deeply, and do this as often as you can. Believe it\’ll happen strongly, and it\’ll be yours to receive. There are constants in the universe, one of them being the law of attraction, and the thoughts you create will attract the things you\’re wanting, so avoid thinking negatively, and always be careful because you will get what you want.

  5. ahh to live in my dreams. a great escape but sometimes it takes away from the joy that is occurring in the present. great post and hauntingly beautiful picture 🙂

  6. Hi Nova Congratulation on starting your family, life does become becomes harder when raising a family but the good news is, if you are fortunate your children will grow up to become your best friends. And watching their rapid development is fascinating. Dreaming is something I always did, and still do occasionally. Imagination is always a welcome respite when the routine can become tiresome.Later you can look back in satisfaction as to what you have been able to achieve but nevertheless a little help is always appreciated. That is something I am mindful of now in relation to my own children and their children and our grandchildren. NY has lays held a fascination for me; it seems it’s somewhat different to the rest of America with a richer multi cultural background celebrating a greater degree of diversity. If I am not mistaken it exudes air of friendliness away from the maddening crowd. Is that your street address? It looks delightful. Have you still your dogs? Best wishes

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