Revel in Silence

There is a scene in a movie that I watched recently, Tuesdays with Morrie, where the main character, Morrie Schwartz, asked his student, “What’s wrong with silence?”

What is wrong with silence that makes people so uncomfortable?  Why do people feel that they always have to fill the air between them and others with words, however meaningless?

I enjoy silence.  The silence comforts me.  Silence is like a warm blanket in a cold winter’s night.  It envelops me and I feel protected.  I feel closest to someone when we can sit in silence and still enjoy each other’s presence.  The silence gives way for us to feel the person, rather than just hear them.

Enjoy the silence.  Revel in it.



4 thoughts on “Revel in Silence

  1. I always treasure those moments of silence and stillness that rarely happens
    the other silence though is defeaning where there are so many questions to be asked and things to explain but you cant

  2. it’s when you can just sit there in silence with a person and not have to fill it up with words because you both feel comfortable….is when you truly know this person if your friend

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