Central Station

Central Station is one of the best foreign films I’ve seen.  It’s also the first Brazilian film I’ve seen.  The opening cinematography is honest and gritty, and you can almost feel the hustle and bustle a train station in Rio, Brazil.

The story is of a woman who makes her living writing letters for the illiterate, and of her chance meeting with a woman and son who come to her to write a letter to the boy’s father that the boy wants to meet him.  Tragically, the boy witnesses the accidental death of his mother at the train station, and the woman letter-writer, although initially resentful, becomes a surrogate mother for the orphaned boy and vows to make good on the last wish of the boy’s mother that he be reunited with his father.

It is a tale of the flight of the human spirit and the realization that there is hope, even in the seemingly darkest moments of life.

6 thoughts on “Central Station

  1. hmm. maybe ill look for it. also, maybe you do have to learn to draw prettier pictures. but you’ll learn to do so with time. me, i think that history does repeat itself at times. but remember, all things are not engraved in stone.

  2. not to draw better hun, to let go of the past and paint your future out of the beauty of your imagination…..paint the light at the end of your tunnel. paint it drawing closer to you and notice all the colours around it as you stare at it and dont be afraid of what you may see….you are stronger than this, you have the courage to let the darkness go
    love and sunshine

  3. surprisingly I am so like that… I base my decisions or “judgements” based on behavioural patterns. While it is usually is accurate there is still room for adjustments and improvements…btw practice makes perfect, it might be a lot of sweat but hmmm it might just be worth it ya?  :love:

  4.  :flower: Yeh- but everything is not our fault- but over analyzers do tend to create their own issues.
    Thanks for sub’g to my site.  i’ve been away and appreciate Your support.  Hopefully the psinting will work to refocus You and remember to take time to love You..
    Check out my blog ring Uniquely Created Divinely Inspired You.
    Peace, Love and Light 

  5.  :flower: It takes a lot of give and take and a lot of patience to have a working marriage.  Things are never all good or all bad…lots of inbetween…and yes there are patterns that are had to change but then sometimes we have to learn to accept and endure and in time those patterns do change Good luck

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