I felt the pull of the centrifugal forces yesterday.  This unseen energy has caused the tides to change.  I felt nauseous and helpless at the turn of events that occurred in my life yesterday, but I was not going to end up defeated.  After all was said and done, I laughed, instead of cried, at the comedy of errors that made up yesterday.

Central Station

Central Station is one of the best foreign films I’ve seen.  It’s also the first Brazilian film I’ve seen.  The opening cinematography is honest and gritty, and you can almost feel the hustle and bustle a train station in Rio, Brazil.

The story is of a woman who makes her living writing letters for the illiterate, and of her chance meeting with a woman and son who come to her to write a letter to the boy’s father that the boy wants to meet him.  Tragically, the boy witnesses the accidental death of his mother at the train station, and the woman letter-writer, although initially resentful, becomes a surrogate mother for the orphaned boy and vows to make good on the last wish of the boy’s mother that he be reunited with his father.

It is a tale of the flight of the human spirit and the realization that there is hope, even in the seemingly darkest moments of life.


The shackles of life are getting to me, and I’m growing weary of where I am at this stage of my life.  As a child, we all have dreams and aspirations of who we want to become and where we want to be, and what we want to achieve, and most of us grow up and grow old and come to realize that life falls short of our childhood fantasies.  But I suppose it’s better to reach for the stars, rather than the just the highest tree limb because to reach for higher means that we’ll jump that much more.

I am still not satisfied.  I want more.

I want to do something extraordinary in life.  Something so brilliant that my name will still be remembered long after my remains have been carried off by the wind.

I have much work to do.


Pay It Forward was a really good movie.  I’m actually quite surprised that it didn’t receive much media attention.  I’ve only just seen it now for the first time, but the movie came out in 2000.

The main theme of the movie is the notion that an idea, however small, can make an enormous difference, and can literally change the world.  The thought presented in the movie is noble, albeit very challenging, and many may consider it moronic if it brings upon a personal sacrifice.  But if the idea is actually applied in real life, it could be the start of a new human evolution: one of a new selfless, human race.

I’m such an idealist.