The main premise of Happenstance is the theory of the “butterfly effect” wherein the mere flapping of a butterfly’s wings can cause a hurricane in another part of the world.  In Happenstance, catastrophic events happen from a mere drop of a pebble.

Two people, after a love at first sight encounter, are later fated to meet again, but not before they continually intersect people who continually intersect each other, and until a series of seemingly unrelated, tangent events eventually lead to a twist of fate conclusion.

And, not to mention, Audrey Tautou (famously known as Amelie), is irresistibly adorable, and always fun to watch.


I had a wonderful weekend.  I spent it mostly at home, but with a very good friend of mine, E, who is more like a sister to me.  The entire weekend consisted of food and family.  On Saturday, E and I made Vietnamese spring rolls and baked salmon, and on Sunday, we made Filipino eggrolls (“lumpia”).

I think it’s absolutely amazing that food can bring people together.

5 thoughts on “Happenstance

  1. Food is definetely love.  I very much agree. On tend to celbrate with food, and when I’m feeling down, I tend to sulk with food too.  I think food is very much related to all the major emotions in out lives.  Reading your post just made me hungry.  
    I’ve heard of Happenstance.  It’s scary to think that a single butterfly have that big an effect on the world.  But at the same time it makes sense that we are all interconnected in such a way, humans, animals, and nature alike.  I think I’ll try to get the book or movie and learn more about it.

  2. I saw that movie too, and enjoyed it. I think I watched it more because I LOVE Audrey Tautou. And food does bring people together, maybe it’s because it’s something that everyone enjoys.

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