I just finished reading The Da Vinci Code.

Once again, there is an internal struggle between my strict-Catholic-upbringing way of thinking and the progressive, liberal side of me that yearns for the truth.

I felt this way once before when I read of the Cathars.  For the first time in my life, I started to question my faith in the Catholic religion.  Before then, I never questioned anything regarding Catholicism, and I accepted everything with blind faith.

Thankfully, times have changed since the days of the Holy Wars, and in most parts of the modern world, you can believe in just about anything you want, without fear of being labeled a heretic, pagan or devil-worshiper, and so my doubts regarding Catholicism does not raise an eyebrow.

But my eyebrows are raised.  I want to know the truth.

Regrettably, I highly doubt I will find my answers in the pages of the Bible.  I’ve come to grips with the reality that the Bible is not the Word of God, but rather the Word of Man.  This realization has saddened me, however, because I used to find comfort in many readings in the Bible.  Now, I feel as though I’ve been duped by the one belief that I’ve followed faithfully and blindly.

Sometimes ignorance is pure bliss.

9 thoughts on “Bible

  1. Nova,

    I love you

    I felt the same exact way when I finished reading it. Like, I wasn’t really brought up as a strict Catholic, I’m Protestant… But of course, we still believe in the Bible and all that wonderful Christianity…
    So I felt that it really didn’t affect me, because I know that there are quite a lot of lies in the Catholic church, I mean come on, you mean to tell me that it’s perfectly okay to sell a certificate saying that you are free of all your sins?(They did that in the middle ages).
    Plus I think God will be just as happy if he was worshipped in an underground cavern like he was during the Roman Empire, than if he was worshipped in a solid-gold Cathedral.
    I tell you, whoever wrote the Bible, is definately the greatest author in the world.
    It’s not that I don’t believe in God and Jesus and all the wonderful things he did… I just don’t believe a lot of the things that the church said he was. Like, that he never married… I think he did. I think thats why in the Bible it goes from him being a baby, to being around the age of 30, when he died.
    Wow… long comment… Sorry, you sparked interest in me.  😉
    Much love Nova!!

  2. If the passages from the Bible help you, then keep reading the it. Just because it’s not the word of God doesn’t mean that they don’t hold some truth. I was raised Catholic too, went to Catholic school for 13 years, and in high school was when I began to have questions. Now, I don’t believe in religion (that’s man made) I believe in God, and the people who lived.

  3. hey. i know what you mean. when i first began learning about all these new theories and such, i felt overwhelmed. when i began to quesion my faith, i felt guilty, as if i was betraying my faith, my upbringing. but now i question a lot in my life. one thing i came to conclude was that people who are living by the Bible are not exactly living perfectly. after all, the Bible was written by men, and men are imperfect, causing the Bible to be imperfect as well. also, the Bible was written way back when, so its contents were appropriate for the people of that time, but not exactly for ours. i feel so confused on whats being told to me. when i was younger, i had strong, simple faith. no questions asked. no if’s and’s or but’s. when someone asked me about my God and why i believed in something that i couldnt see, i simply replied that it was because of faith. that they didnt have to belive in the same God that i believed in, but i had faith in my God. i never questioned the content written in the Bible, only soaked in the information and accepted it. but now, i dont even know what to think. i want to have my beliefs in my faith, in my religion, in God, but what if it isnt all the truth? i guess im like you then…all i want is the truth…take care nova.~jenn~

  4. It’s hard when long seated beliefs conflict with the enlightenment of the mind. I actually read this just today in Romans: “…conform not to the ways of the world but live through the renewal of your own mind”. Something like that. I think it fits here. I was born a Catholic and have quite a disdain for the religion. Talk about gluttons for punishment. Knowledge and love: proven paths to God.

  5. i know what you mean by “blind faith”
    i have been watching discovery channel lately and it is so surprising how much information they have that will open our eyes with the truth…just like how the moon influences behavioral patterns

  6. aaah, the “Da Vinci Code”  I couldn’t put that book down when I read it months ago.  And speaking about finding the “truth” hehe, I’ve yearned for it as well cuz like you…I had a very very strict catholic upbringing, my grandma used to make me recite the rosary every single day at 6 pm when I was a kid, I did all the works…the sunday school, the confessions every month, catholic school, etc.  I got sick of it I guess, and maybe it’s the reason why I ended up seeking other stuff like Philosophy.  My religion teacher told me to read Sophie’s World and after that…Philosophy just became one of my many addictions.  There are times when you question the validity of everything but when I look around me and see all the wonderful things that I have in life…I know there has to be a greater force out there responsible for it all =) 

  7. A friend of mine once gave me the best advice when I was having “religion” problems.  I told her that I guessed I was just looking for something that I could believe in and she told me.. “Believe in yourself”.

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