She would have been 27 years old today.

It’s hard to imagine life without her, and yet she’s been out of my life for over four years now.  The time that has passed since she died has gone by quickly, and yet it has felt like an eternity since she was in my life.  It’s difficult to believe that I’ve been without her these past four years, but at times, I’ll catch myself turning around to say something to her, as if she had never left.

We donated money to a poor school in the town of Siniloan, Laguna, Philippines.   My sister had fallen in love with the people and town of Siniloan when she visited in 1998, and she had remarked that whenever she came into some money, she would make sure that she would help the people of this town.  She said that she finally had found “home.”  And so to make good her promise, we donated some money to the school in the Philippines and had instituted a scholarship program.

5 thoughts on “27

  1. That is a beautiful plaque and sentiment.  Your sister had a wonderful heart and admirable intentions.  If only we would work as hard at giving as we do at fighting, this world would be a million times better.  I’m sorry for you loss. I’ll keep you and your sister in my prayers.  Happy birthday to Alanna.

  2. Sorry it’s taken me a while to get around and respond to things lately.  I agree with Citigirl.  This world was blessed to have someone like your sister in it for the time she was here.  *hugs* You’re an amazing person yourself and I admire you and your strength.   :love:

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